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Specific training for memory

Specific training for memory

Our memories are the corner stone of our life. As an individual, we constantly rely on our memory. As time goes by, our memory declines and it is increasingly more difficult to remember events, names and all the important details that fulfill our life. The Memory training is specifically designed to help you maintain and train your memory to keep track of what matters in your life.

The term memory is often used to describe several types of memory such as your short-term and working memory or your long-term memory.

Average improvement of short-term memory among CogniFit's users*

Average improvement of short-term memory among CogniFit's users* Months World Your Score


Results vary among users based on their unique profile and condition

Your working memory can be defined as your ability to retain recently stored information in memory and process it in conjunction with novel incoming information. Long-term memory can be defined as your ability to store and retrieve information for very long periods of time, such as weeks, months and years.

The Memory training has been specially developed to help you train these different types of memory. The application is a great addition for anyone who wants to train memory. The training adds to your training regimen and provides new insights to your cognitive profile.

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