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Dyscalculia Brain Training

Trains and strengthens essential cognitive abilities in an optimal and professional way. Comprehensive report of results, progress, and evolution.

Trained skills


The ability to retrieve a word from our semantic lexicon and is considered to be a basic ability.


The ability to "think ahead", to mentally anticipate the correct way to execute a task.

Response Time

The ability to perceive and process a simple stimulus and respond to it.

Working Memory

Refers to the temporary storage and manipulation of the information necessary for complex cognitive tasks.

Specific Cognitive Skills





Response Time


Working Memory


About this training program

Average improvement of visual scanning among CogniFit's users


Results vary among users based on their unique profile and condition

Dyscalculia is a disorder that affects the ability to learn and understand numbers and mathematical concepts. The level of involvement is not as high as dyslexia, but it has been shown that there are many commonalities. Dyscalculia is not directly related to low intelligence, in fact, in some cases their intelligence may be above average.

The difficulties that the people with dyscalculia face are mainly in the inability to understand the logic in mathematic processes, number confusion, difficulty doing mental calculations, identifying symbols, and solving math problems.

The causes of dyscalculia are still unclear, but studies show that there is a hereditary component, specifically in the parietal lobe. The parietal lobe has a groove called the intraparietal, which specializes in internal representations of quantity, abstract processing, and their relationship. In addition, the angular gyrus makes up part of the verbal process in math tasks. It is permits humans to use reason and solve math problems. These areas of the brain, along with the temporal lobe or the cingulate cortex, are in charge of making sure the person can properly do arithmetic and mathematics.

All of the difficulties are linked to cognitive deterioration, and as a consequence, many essential cognitive abilities are weakened. Some of these abilities are working memory, planning, naming, as well as others. Because this pathology is not well-known, those who suffer have simply accepted that their work, both academically and professionally, will be affected.

However, CogniFit has created a personalized training program for brain exercise. Our program is scientifically recognized and may help develop and improve the cognitive abilities related to math and arithmetic. Dyscalculia affects the brain, but we at CogniFit know the importance of proper cognitive development, and this is why we care about your mental health. Use scientifically validated techniques to train your brain while having fun!

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