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Fibromyalgia Brain Training

Trains and strengthens essential cognitive abilities in an optimal and professional way. Comprehensive report of results, progress, and evolution.

Trained skills

Focused Attention

The ability to focus attention on a single stimulus


The ability to retrieve a word from our semantic lexicon and is considered to be a basic ability.


The ability to "think ahead", to mentally anticipate the correct way to execute a task.


The ability to retrieve information from the past and to recognize certain events, places or other information.

Short-Term Memory

The ability to hold a small amount of information in a readily, available state for a short period of time.

Specific Cognitive Skills

Focused Attention








Short-Term Memory


About this training program


* The results of each user may vary according to their profile and particular conditions.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic, non-inflammatory disease that causes musculoskeletal pain and affects 3% of the world's population. However, this disease is not limited to chronic pain or fatigue but also affects the psychological and cognitive areas (known as fibrofog). If you think you may have these cognitive impairments, CogniFit can help.

This disease consists of a high hypersensitivity to pain or pressure in different body parts. However, there is no organic alteration, which meant that during part of the 20th century it was taken as a somatic symptom disorder. Despite the controversy, the World Health Organization considered fibromyalgia a disease in 1992.

Fibromyalgia is characterized by constant fatigue and the appearance of 11 to 18 points of the body where the pain is concentrated, distributed in the neck, back, shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees. Many patients also experience cognitive dysfunction (fibrofog) that can affect attention, memory and other areas, further decreasing their quality of life.

In addition, people with fibromyalgia have a high probability of suffering from other psychological or psychiatric disorders, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or bipolar disorder, among others.

CogniFit brain training program has scientifically proven its effectiveness in improving the status of different cognitive abilities, such as naming, focus, short-term memory, etc.

By subscribing now, you will have access to these specific training as well as to all the other tasks and cognitive skills in your mental health program.

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