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You are going to create a patient management account. This account is designed to give your patients access to CogniFit evaluations and training.

You are going to create a family account. This account is designed to give your family members access to CogniFit evaluations and training.

You are going to create a research account. This account is specially designed to help researchers with their studies in the cognitive areas.

You are going to create a student management account. This account is designed to give your students access to CogniFit evaluations and training.

You are going to create a company management account. This account is designed to give your employees access to CogniFit evaluations and training.

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Leaders in cognitive stimulation

The cognitive stimulation therapy program from CogniFit makes it possible to activate, exercise, and strengthen important cognitive abilities (attention, memory, executive functions, planning, perception, etc.), and the components that make up these skills.

This cognitive stimulation therapy program is based on cognitive reserve and neuroplasticity to improve performance through online brain games. The activities in this tool combine different therapeutic exercises and learning and rehabilitation techniques aimed at re-training and improving the skills that each individual needs to train most.

The intervention battery from CogniFit is made up of systematically and strategically organized, multi-discipline tasks. The games and tasks are designed to be used by both professionals and individuals alike, which is why the platform is presented as simple games that can be played on a computer or mobile device. These cognitive stimulation tools are appropriate for the healthy population or people conscious of their brain health.

CogniFit offers a series of online cognitive stimulation therapy programs, completely personalized and adapted to each person's cognitive strengths and areas of improvement.

cognitive stimulation CogniFit

How does the cognitive stimulation therapy from CogniFit work?

The cognitive stimulation tool from CogniFit have been shown to activate and strengthen fundamental cognitive skills with brain plasticity.

By brain training with this leading program in the field of cognitive intervention and rehabilitation, the user is able to stimulate specific neural activation patterns. The repetition of these patterns through tasks and games can help improve connectivity in the brain, create new synapses, and myelinate neural circuits.

It's important to understand that CogniFit's cognitive stimulation therapy isn't about randomly playing games. It's not enough to play games online and hope that it helps improve cognition. A proper cognitive training program requires a therapeutic goal, a theoretical mark, and regulation in the games, like CogniFit. This is the only way that we can be sure that our brain is receiving the cognitive stimulation therapy that it needs.

Our mental ability is related to certain brain activation patterns, and depending on how each of the neurons is connected and activated in the different parts of the brain, our abilities will be more or less efficient.

Why choose CogniFit cognitive stimulation therapy?

CogniFit is a leading tool in cognitive stimulation therapy. All of the exercises and tasks have been designed by experts in neuroplasticity and cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation. Using this technology-based methodology to rehabilitate and stimulate cognitive skills has a number of benefits:

  • Any user, either individual or professional (researchers, medical professionals, educators, etc.), can easily use this cognitive stimulation therapy program. No prior knowledge of neuroscience or technological systems is necessary to successfully use the CogniFit system. The platforms allow for an intuitive, agile, and efficient management of the tasks and results of the cognitive training.
  • The cognitive stimulation therapy program from CogniFit makes it possible to activate and strengthen a number of cognitive skills easily and while having fun.
  • The attractive design of the brain training games helps improve motivation, especially in children, encouraging them to train more.
  • All you have to do is log in and start training. The level, the game, and the type of training in the cognitive stimulation therapy programs are automatically regulated in each platform, giving you a completely personalized training program.
  • The data is gathered and coded as you play the different games and cognitive stimulation exercises. CogniFit's professional tool automatically analyzes and compares the data, which means that you're free to focus on your training, rather the worry about tracking your cognitive progression for each set or individual cognitive skill, after each training session.
  • The instructions are interactive, which makes them easy to understand.
  • The cognitive stimulation therapy exercises have been adapted as much as possible to the cognitive limitations or deficits that each user may have, which makes them easily accessible. The platform is easy-to-use and is available in more than 19 languages, which makes CogniFit's programs accessible to wide range of people, making cognitive stimulation therapy available to people around the world
  • CogniFit is designed for children, teens, adults, and seniors , which means that anyone can see the benefits that cognitive stimulation therapy has to offer.
  • As CogniFit is an online platform, the cognitive stimulation therapy programs can be accessed from almost anywhere with Internet. This makes it possible to train your brain and rehabilitate cognitive skills without having to be in the room with a medical professional. Doctors and psychologists can track patient progress from their office, while users are at home.
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy - CogniFit

Is the cognitive stimulation therapy program right for you?

The cognitive stimulation therapy from CogniFit can be used by almost anyone. Everyone can develop cognitive skills in order to optimize and improve function. The cognitive stimulation therapy from CogniFit is designed for the healthy population.. No matter your cognitive state, the goal is always to improve a set of cognitive skills.

Cognitive Stimulation Program  Results - CogniFit

Cognitive stimulation therapy programs from CogniFit

General cognitive stimulation therapy:

If you're interested in stimulating and activating all of your cognitive abilities, or if you don't have any specific cognitive problems, the general cognitive stimulation therapy program from CogniFit is the best option. With more than 30 games and 18 different assessment tasks, CogniFit is able to measure and improve fundamental cognitive functions. This tool is aimed at people of all ages (children, teens, adults, and seniors).

  • PersonalizedGeneral cognitive stimulation: The general cognitive stimulation program is the most complete training program that CogniFit has available. The personalized training program is helpful to maintain or stimulate all of the different aspects of our cognitive state, and adapts the cognitive demand to the needs of each individual user.

Cognitive stimulation therapy programs for different cognitive domains

Brain damage can sometimes cause very specific cognitive issues, altering a specific cognitive area and leaving the rest in tact. This is why CogniFit offers specific training programs for the different areas:

  • AttentionBrain training program for attention: Attention is one of our most basic cognitive skills, but it's also one of the most commonly affected skills by brain damage or developmental disorders. CogniFit offers a number of brain games designed specifically to stimulate and improve attention.
  • PerceptionBrain training program for perception: We can stimulate and activate perception with more than 30 games and tasks specifically designed to compensate for the difficulties that may be present when capturing, processing, and making sense of the information around us.
  • Memory Brain training program for memory: Lapses in memory are one of the main concerns that people with some type of cognitive problem talk about. It is possible to train our brain's ability to code, store, and recover information with this cognitive brain training program for memory.
  • Executive FunctionsBrain training program for executive functions: Executive functions regulate complex processes, like reasoning. This program was designed specifically to test executive functions in children, teens, adults, seniors, and the elderly.
  • CoordinationBrain training program for coordination: This training makes it possible to improve movement with different games to designed to train and improve coordination.

Cognitive stimulation therapy for professionals

Aside from improving cognitive skills, as professionals, we need to apply some type of cognitive stimulation to the people that we work with, whether it be in clinical, educational, or investigative areas.

  • Professional platform for doctors and psychologistsCognitive stimulation therapy platform for doctors and psychologists: Cognitive stimulation therapy can be used in hospitals, medical centers, rehabilitation clinics, psychology clinics, and even at a patient's home. CogniFit has a platform that makes it possible to manage patients, track progress, and easily assign cognitive assessments and cognitive stimulation therapy to patients. This professional tool makes it possible for a doctor or psychologist to send training and assessment to a patient at home, right from their office.
  • Researchers platformCognitive stimulation therapy platform for researchers: We live in a world where science is constantly improving and advancing, and there are more and more scientific studies looking into the computerized cognitive stimulation therapy. This platform offers researchers the ability to assess and train study participants quickly and easily, streamlining the data-gathering process.
  • Schools platformCognitive stimulation therapy platform for schools and educators: Students at school and education centers can see the benefits of brain based learning in their classrooms. With the platform from CogniFit, educators can apply a cognitive stimulation therapy program adapted to each student and track their cognitive progress.

For how long should you practice the cognitive stimulation therapy exercises?

A complete cognitive stimulation therapy sessions usually lasts about 10-15 minutes. CogniFit recommends 3 training sessions a week on nonconsecutive days. CogniFit also offers automatic training reminders which can be adjusted in the user's settings.

During each training session, the user will be presented with two brain stimulation games to activate the brain, and an assessment task to measure improvement and performance.

This cognitive stimulation therapy program form CogniFit was designed to automatically assign the specific games, at the appropriate level, to each user.

What happens when you don't stimulate your cognitive skills?

We can see the importance of strong, well-developed cognitive skills in daily life, as they allow us to be more efficient in day-to-day tasks. When we ask our brains to carry out a certain task related to one or multiple cognitive skills, the connections and neurons related to the skills are trained and strengthened. The repeated stimulation of the neural activation pattern through cognitive stimulation helps improve cognition.

However, if you don't train your cognitive functions, the brain reduces the resources that it sends, meaning that cognitive performance will likely suffer due to lack of appropriate activation. With adequate cognitive stimulation therapy, it's possible to avoid this deterioration.

Differences between cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation

Something that usually causes confusion is the difference between cognitive stimulation and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

Cognitive stimulation could be defined as " the activities aimed at improving general cognitive performance or one of its processes and components, whether it be in healthy subjects or patients with some type of brain injury in the central nervous system" [1].

In other words, cognitive stimulation strengthens cognitive skills with brain games. Neuropsychological rehabilitation, however, is related to recovering lost or altered cognitive skills after damage.

As such, while cognitive stimulation sets out to improve cognitive state, neuropsychological rehabilitation works to re-establish the patient's cognitive function as much as possible, both physically and psychologically.

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