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For users 16 years and older. Children under 16 can use CogniFit with a parent on one of the family platforms.

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CogniFit families: Cognitive assessment and training platform

Help stimulate your family's cognitive skills: Evaluate their abilities and help stimulate their brain.

  • Platform for Families

  • Neuropsychological evaluation, stimulation, and cognitive rehabilitation tools for your family members

  • Personalized cognitive stimulation for each family member.

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CogniFit families: Cognitive assessment and training platform

CogniFit Family Platform Cognitive assessment and training platform for your family. Access to multiple tests, training and/or help with cognitive rehabilitation. This neuroscientific platform has been specifically designed to help families to detect cognitive difficulties, carry out mental stimulation exercises, manage and monitor different activities to help improve cognitive difficulties.

This innovative online platform for families is a very useful tool that helps family members:

  • To carry out a complete cognitive function screening of each member of the family.
  • To detect the strengths as well as possible cognitive deficits.
  • To apply personalized cognitive stimulation programs for each family member through cognitive exercises.
  • To follow up the evolution and progress of each member of the family.

Family platform

Neuropsychological evaluation for your family

Neuropsychological Evaluation Battery for Families:

CogniFit's online family platform consists of a battery of neuropsychological tests and standardized tools to create a complete cognitive screening for each family member*. The data and results presented by the platform are of high value because they provide progress and evolution of the whole family.

This online cognitive test allows you to understand each of your family members' cognitive areas and functions:

  • We measure +20 fundamental cognitive skills through an online neuropsychological evaluation.
  • This test allows us to detect the cognitive strengths and weakness of our family members.
  • The family platform allows you to compare the data with the rest of the reference population and create personalized reports.
  • CogniFit's neuropsychological evaluation provides family members with valuable information that helps identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • This tool allows you to monitor the evolution of each family member and track their progress.

Complete Neuropsychological AssessmentCognitive Test for Concentration (CAB-AT)Cognitive Test for Perception (CAB-PC)Cognitive Test for Memory (CAB-ME)Cognitive Test for Reasoning (CAB-RS)Cognitive Test for Coordination (CAB-CO)Cognitive Test for Reading Comprehension (CAB-RC)Cognitive Test for People 55 and Over (CAB-AG)Cognitive Test for Schools

Cognitive training and rehabilitation of your family

Cognitive stimulation for your family:

CogniFit's family platform consists of cognitive training through entertaining computer games. This technology is aimed at family brain training and/or cognitive rehabilitation. Through cognitive data obtained by standardized scores based on age and gender, it allows families to:

  • Understand the unique cognitive state of each family member.
  • Configure and personalize cognitive training adapted to each family member's needs.
  • Perform the personalized training programs assigned by a family member.
  • Monitor cognitive results.

Cognitive stimulation is based on brain plasticity and reserve to improve the cognitive performance of mental functions through systematically organized techniques and exercises.

Today CogniFit is a leader in cognitive assessment and training. It is recognized and used by the scientific community and medical centers worldwide. Its use is simple and available for anyone, even those not specialized in the use of evaluation batteries and cognitive training. Computerized tests and cognitive stimulation programs are also very attractive for children, adults, and seniors. This makes the CogniFit platform a perfect choice for each family member.

All cognitive tests have been carefully created by choosing the best references and existing scientific tools.

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