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Geef het geschenk van gezonde hersenen Geef het geschenk van gezonde hersenen Geef het geschenk van gezonde hersenen

Celebrate the holiday with the gift of brain health

Give a fun and smart brain training program to your loved ones

  • CogniFit is a unique solution to test memory and cognition with a fun online test.
  • After getting their initial test results, your loved ones can train their memory, attention, and a wide variety of other useful skills whenever they want, throughout the new year.
  • CogniFit’s easy-to-use program is available online and on mobile, which makes it the perfect gift for any New Year’s resolution!

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Cognitive evaluation + full year of brain training for only:

190.00€ 100.00€

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Tests and brain games backed by science

The cognitive evaluation and brain training games have been carefully developed by a team of leading scientists. CogniFit exercises have been validated by a large number of esteemed institutions and scientific journals.

CogniFit’s patented technology automatically chooses the appropriate exercises to train your loved ones in a fun and interactive way. Real-time results help them stay on track.

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A chance to improve your mental acuity in 2017

After the initial evaluation, CogniFit will provide your loved ones with a personalized and tailor-made training regimen for the entire year.

Thanks to you, the person receiving your gift will be able to train numerous cognitive abilities. You will play a part in your loved one's cognitive health.

Having a goal to work towards helps motivate people to make sure they are getting the most out of their training. The program automatically adjusts and progresses according to people’s cognitive evolution, making sure that the games are both fun and challenging.

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Track daily performance

Detailed reports analyze and highlight people’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which helps them gain a deeper understanding of their cognitive progress and evolution.

CogniFit even makes it possible to compare scores and see how they stack up to millions of other users around the world.

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Recognized as a distinguished tool by the neuroscientific community

Present in 16 languages and in more than 90 countries, CogniFit is a world leader in the field of neuroscience.

When it comes to brain training, it’s important to choose a program that has science on their side and your loved ones deserve only the best!

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