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Cognitive stimulation for children - Specialized materials and exercises - CogniFit
  • Access CogniFit's personalized cognitive stimulation program for children

  • Helps activate and strengthen your brain's main abilities through fun activities and mind games

  • A detailed report of results, effort, progress, and evolution. Compares cognitive outcomes with other children their age

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CogniFit: Leaders in cognitive stimulation exercises and brain games for children and young people

The development of children's cognitive abilities is crucial to improving learning processes and academic performance. With CogniFit's brain stimulation exercises for children we can train and strengthen more than 20 fundamental cognitive abilities grouped into the following areas: attention, perception, memory, executive function or coordinación. How to start using it? It's very easy, just go to register.

This cognitive stimulation, training and rehabilitation program is composed of different brain games that can be practised online from any computer or mobile device. CogniFit takes advantage of the great neuro plasticity that occurs in the early years of neurodevelopment, in order to stimulate and enhance intellectual performance in childhood and adolescence. The brain exercises of this tool consist of attractive therapeutic, rehabilitation and learning techniques aimed at retraining and improving the mental skills that each child needs most.

The difficulty of neurodidactic exercises, activities and brain games is automatically adapted as the child trains. CogniFit takes the child's current cognitive state as a foundation for further activities. The tool automatically modulates the complexity and type of tasks , adjusting the cognitive demands of the brain games to the unique characteristics of each child.

CogniFit brain games and cognitive stimulation tasks in have been applied in homes, hospitals, and school centers around the world, proving highly effective for all children, but especially for those young people who have specific needs or learning difficulties. This neuroeducational platform is designed to help identify some of the neurological causes that may be associated with school failure and to help improve key cognitive functions in childhood.

Cognitive stimulation and brain exercises for children

How do CogniFit brain games and cognitive stimulation programs work for children?

During childhood and youth, the brain is especially plastic, meaning it has a great capacity to adapt to the demands of the environment. This facilitates learning and makes children very sensitive to cognitive stimulation.

Given brain characteristic of children and young people, it is important to use a good cognitive stimulation tool. Several studies have shown that CogniFit personalized brain training helps to stimulate and improve various cognitive abilities through brain plasticity.

CogniFit training program for children stimulates different patterns of neuronal activation. Repeated activation of these patterns through correct cognitive stimulation can, on the one hand, reinforce existing neural connections and, on the other hand, support development of new synapses and neuronal circuits.

Brain games for children- CogniFit

Cognitive Improvement in Children: Why Choose CogniFit Brain Games?

CogniFit cognitive assessments and training for children and young people have been created by scientists experts to help improve user cognitive performance. Applying cognitive stimulation through the CogniFit platform has a number of advantages that make it a unique tool:

  • CogniFit platform design is very intuitive, allowing easy and convenient management of our own training sessions or that of our children, patients, and students.
  • The game design is very attractive. This is very motivating, especially for children, who have more difficulty tolerating non-stimulating activities.
  • CogniFit evaluates and trains a total of 23 cognitive skills through brain activities and games. This allows to create a complete cognitive profile of the user and compares it with people their age and gender.
  • The instructions and results are presented in an interactive and visual format, which makes it easier for us to understand the information provided by the program.
  • After an evaluation or after each training session, the program gives accurate and reliable results about our performance. This will allow us to obtain feedback about our cognitive state.
  • CogniFit cognitive stimulation tool, in addition to training, also evaluates our performance in each session. This allows the program to know the cognitive areas that we have in better and worse condition, and to adapt to our concrete needs as we are training.
  • The process of choosing the type of activity or difficulty is completely automated. We'll just need to log in and press the "Start Training" button to get started. The program will make decisions based on our current cognitive profile.
  • Data is automatically recorded as we train. This saves us the need to write down any type of data and allows us to focus completely on the activity we are doing.
  • Being an online platform in 19 languages, it is highly accessible to the majority of the population. We will only need Internet access and a computer, tablet or smartphone. Due to this simple way of accessing CogniFit, this tool enables cognitive stimulation for children at a distance.
  • CogniFit is recommended for children 7 years of age or older. This means that this platform is always suitable and doesn't have an age limit.
Brain Training Games for Children - CogniFit

Who are CogniFit cognitive stimulation tools suitable for?

A childhood is often a difficult and disconcerting time for his or her parents: complications, illnesses, and disorders of all kinds can arise, for which we do not always have sufficient resources. Lack of information and concern can cause us to worry and that is why we always want to have the best for them.

CogniFit cognitive training is recommended for those children who, without having problems at school, want to improve some cognitive abilities that are developing slower than expected for their age.

Brain Training Games and brain training for Children - CogniFit

Who can apply cognitive stimulation for children?

Despite the simple tool design, CogniFit is not intended for children to manage their own training autonomously. Instead, there are different platforms for adults to manage the program based on their relationship with the child:

  • Family platform Child cognitive stimulation: This tool is the ideal tool for parents to regulate the type of evaluations or training that their children can do at home.
  • Professional platform for doctors and psychologistsPatient cognitive stimulation:CogniFit allows you to easily manage and monitor the progress of your patients. Cognitive training is a good complement to intervention, whether it is applied in the child's own practice or at home
  • Professional platform for teachers and educators Student cognitive stimulation: Teachers and educators can also comfortably manage cognitive training for students with academic difficulties at school with CogniFit.
  • Professional platform for researchers Participants cognitive stimulation: In addition, CogniFit also provides the possibility to conduct research with children from its researchers' platform.

Recommended duration and time of cognitive stimulation

The attentional capacity of children tends to be quite low. This makes it difficult for them to perform an activity efficiently over a long period of time. Although with age, your sustained attention increases, brain training sessions for children have been designed to last between 10 and 15 minutes. This makes it easier for children to get the most out of each session.

CogniFit cognitive exercises for children should be distributed in 3 sessions per week on non-consecutive days are sufficient to generate benefits in their cognitive abilities. This makes it possible to adapt the training to children's schedule and needs, making the intervention easier.

The sessions are composed of two brain stimulation games and an evaluation task. This simple and attractive structure makes it possible to evaluate the cognitive evolution of the child as they train. Thanks to this, the CogniFit program automatically selects the type and difficulty that the child can perform to optimize the cognitive abilities that need most improvement.

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