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Brain Based Learning: Education Platform for Schools and Teachers

Neuropsychological evaluation, stimulation, and cognitive tools for your students


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Cognitive assessments to test skills and learning potential

Educational technology designed for schools and professionals interested in taking on developmental problems and exploring brain functions related to cognitive development in childhood and adolescence.

Our brain fitness programs have been used by diverse population groups, schools, and universities from around the world.

Student #231

Paul Perkins

DaVinci High School

12 years old | Right handed


DaVinci High School

Students: 357





Working Memory




Visual Perception


Visual Short-Term Memory


Processing Speed


Focused Attention


Cognitive training
Cognitive Skills
Focused Attention
Spatial Perception
Visual Scanning
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Natural Sciences
Language and Literature

Brain based learning platform, cognitive stimulation for schools

This brain based learning platform designed for schools is a professional instrument created by specialists in child neuropsychology that may help educators without specialized training to analyze learning and childhood developmental processes. The brain based learning education platform from CogniFit is designed to help teachers in the following areas:

  • Develop each student's potential: Learn about the brain processes implicated in learning and neurodevelopment.
  • Implement methodological and didactic improvements: Incorporate a base to the education process to help focus improvements in teaching and designing learning strategies. Enriching educational and vocational guidance.
  • Prevention of poor school performance: Find out which cognitive weaknesses may affect the child's performance in school and learn how to properly handle the difficulty.

Cognitive stimulation or brain training for schools

The educational technology from CogniFit has been applied in different schools and centers from around the world, proving to be very effective for all students. This brain based learning education platform is designed to help identify the neurological causes that may be related to many problems with poor academic performance and help the main cognitive functions.

Focused Attention


Visual Perception


Divided Attention


Response Time




Working Memory


Detailed report. Explanation and academic impact.

The data recorded in the cognitive assessment will be presented in a detailed report. The CogniFit educational technology platform incorporates graphs and images and compares the data gathered with reference data.

Throughout the report, you will see an explanation of the cognitive skills,what they do, and their impact on the student's academic future. You will also see how motivation influences learning.

Digital Cognitive Assessments Batteries

If we want our students to reach their maximum potential, it is essential to understand each student's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and what these differences mean in reference to academic performance. Knowing which child needs extra time on math tests, or which child may need more time reading instructions will not only help the child learn better, but it may help them feel more confident academically which can affect their self-esteem.

Processes and brain based learning neuropsychological assessment tools:

The brain based learning education platform from CogniFit is made up of a battery of neuropsychological tests and standardized tools that allow the professional to evaluate and measure executive functions and cognitive skills necessary for students*. These tasks use simple exercises which can be done on any computer, which helps the student create a relationship between their results and performance at school, school subjects, proficiency, behavior, and motivation.

Discovering the cognitive functions that show strengths or weaknesses is an important part of being able to understand and maximize the student's performance at school and develop personalized learning strategies.

All of the neuropsychological assessment tools that you will see in CogniFit's educational technology are standardized and valid for students 6+.

Cognitive Test for Reading ComprehensionCognitive Test for ConcentrationCognitive Test for CoordinationComplete Neuropsychological AssessmentCognitive Test for DrivingCognitive Test for MemoryCognitive Test for PerceptionCognitive Test for ReasoningCognitive Test for Schools

Digital Cognitive Training Programs

CogniFit for Education also offers a personalized brain training program for each student, which was designed to stimulate the neural connections and cognitive skills that need the most work.

CogniFit's brain based learning program uses the most recent studies in neuropsychology and cognitive studies and turns it into an effective, engaging, and easy-to-use resource for teachers.

Cognitive stimulation and/or brain training for students:

The educational platform from CogniFit is made up of technology aimed at cognitive training for students. This brain-based learning tool is very simple to use and fun for the students.

This educational technology is made up of multiple exercise batteries with fun, interactive games. It is an brain based learning resource that allows the teacher to provide cognitive brain training.

CogniFit has become a reference in helping train cognitive functions, as well as exercises that are adapted to the unique cognitive characteristics in each student. It is a personalized, fun, and effective brain fitness resource that allows teachers to professionally train executive functions and other cognitive domains related to learning.

All of the brain training and cognitive tools in the brain-based learning platform from CogniFit are standardized and valid for students 6+.

Why is it so important for our children to train their brains? Exercising and keeping our fundamental brain functions active may help children improve their cognitive performance and enhance their ability to study and learn.

Our brain is malleable, which means that we have the opportunity to improve, modify, power, and restructure the neural connections and brain structures in our students that support the abilities to learn correctly.

55 and Over Training Cognitive Stimulation Reading Comprehension Cognitive Stimulation Attention and Concentration Cognitive StimulationCoordination Cognitive Stimulation General Cognitive Stimulation Driving Cognitive StimulationMemory Cognitive StimulationPerception Cognitive StimulationReasoning and Executive Cognitive Stimulation

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Cognitive stimulation through brain exercises and brain games available on any device, right at your fingertips.

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