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Platform For Health Professionals

Neuropsychological exploration, stimulation, and cognitive rehabilitation tools


Science Video

Tools and tests for the neuropsychological assessment of your patients

Our brain fitness programs have been used by diverse population groups, schools, and universities from around the world.

Patient #141

Cate Brown


59 years old

Last activity: 02/01/2016 | 4:09 min

Registration date: 01/01/2013

Total number of logins: 23



Focused Attention


Phonological Short-term Memory


Spatial Perception


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15 min

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55 and Over

Reading Comprehension



Platform for healthcare professionals

CogniFit Platform For Health Professionals. Get access to multiple cognitive measurement, analysis, stimulation and/or rehabilitation instruments. This neuroscientific platform was designed specifically to help healthcare professionals (doctors, psychologists, etc.)


This innovative online platform is a professional tool that allows healthcare professionals to:

  • Perform a complete screening of the patient's cognitive functions.
  • Detect possible cognitive deficits.
  • Monitor the patient's progress and rehabilitation.
  • Design computerized brain stimulation and/or cognitive rehabilitation tools for your patients by using different exercise batteries.

Focused Attention


Visual Perception


Divided Attention


Response Time




Working Memory


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Cognitive Domains











Cognitive Evolution

CogniFit platform for health professionals is recognized and used throughout scientific and medical communities internationally. It is simple to use and is accessible to professionals without special training in cognitive assessment batteries. The computerized tests and cognitive stimulation programs are also easy to use and user friendly.

Digital Cognitive Assessments Batteries

Each neuropsychological assessment battery is intended for use as a regular screening tool to track subtle cognitive deficiencies. The cognitive tests allow physicians to design and monitor each patient's intervention and cognitive rehabilitation process.*

Neuropsychological Assessment Battery for healthcare professionals:

The online platform for health professionals from CogniFit is a battery of neuropsychological tests and standardized tools that allow for complete cognitive screening of the patient. FDA Registration Number: 3017544020*.

This online cognitive test battery allows the doctor or other specialists to explore and understand how the different cognitive domains work in each patient.

  • Using a computerized neuropsychological exam, we are able to measure 20+ fundamental cognitive skills.
  • This assessment allows the professional to detect any deficit and grade the severity of the cognitive alteration.
  • The platform for health professionals allows you to compare data to a set of references and create graphs and reports.
  • The neuropsychological assessment from CogniFit provides healthcare professionals with a tool to help identify and recognize cognitive deficits.
  • This tools allows you to monitor the each patient's intervention and follow their rehabilitation.

Cognitive Assessment Battery (CAB)™ PRO

Digital Cognitive Training Programs

Patented brain training program methodology designed to measure, train, track, and monitor 23 cognitive skills we use in our daily lives. Help stimulate cognitive functions and improve brain plasticity. Based on AI and advanced adaptive algorithms the system automatically adapts the training to the needs of each user. Placebo digital training for the control groups

Stimulation and Cognitive Rehabilitation.

Cognitive stimulation is based on brain plasticity and cognitive reserve to improve mental functions by using organized exercises. Cognitive rehabilitation is one of the most supported non-pharmacological therapies.

All of the brain stimulation and cognitive rehabilitation tools that you'll find on the CogniFit platform for health professionals are valid for patients starting at 7 years old, teens, adults, and seniors.

55 and Over Training Cognitive StimulationReading Comprehension Cognitive StimulationAttention and Concentration Cognitive StimulationCoordination Cognitive Stimulation General Cognitive Stimulation Driving Cognitive StimulationMemory Cognitive StimulationPerception Cognitive StimulationReasoning and Executive Cognitive Stimulation

Anytime, anywhere

Cognitive stimulation through brain exercises and brain games available on any device, right at your fingertips.

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