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CogniFit has more than 2 million users worldwide

Games to train attention and concentration

Trains and strengthens essential cognitive abilities in an optimal and professional way. Comprehensive report of results, progress, and evolution.

Who is it for?

Games to train attention and concentration

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Users under 13 years-old must use a family account

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CogniFit: Leaders in attention and concentration training

CogniFit: Leaders in attention and concentration training

  • Train with CogniFit games to improve attention and boost cognitive skills
  • Get access to this attention training scientific resource
  • Challenge your brain and strengthen adaptive potential with these concentration games

The brain training program for attention and concentration from CogniFit makes it possible to activate, stimulate, and rehabilitate the brain functions related to our ability to perceive and process information. Improving this important cognitive area can make it possible concentrate better for longer periods of time, be able to do more than one task at a time, avoid distractions, and be more efficient in your daily life. How can you start playing these attention and concentration games? It's easy! All you have to do sign up.

This brain training and rehabilitation program for attention is made up of different online games that can be done from almost any computer or mobile device. The activities in the concentration programs combine different therapeutic exercises, and rehabilitation and learning techniques designed to re-train and improve the attention skills that each person needs most. CogniFit is based on cognitive reserve and neuroplasticity.

The brain games and exercises for concentration from CogniFit automatically adapt to each user as they train. This scientific resource has been perfected to continuously measure the brain's attentional ability. The patented technology from CogniFit systematically modifies the difficulty and type of task to ensure that the brain games are appropriate for the user's unique characteristics (age, deficits, and/or cognitive alterations).

All of the stimulation and rehabilitation programs from CogniFit are validated for children, teens, adults, seniors, and the elderly to activate and strengthen mental ability and compare their cognitive and state and attention skills with the rest of the world. The concentration games from CogniFit are designed for both the healthy population, as well as those with some kind of cognitive condition that affects concentration, like some type of attention deficit or cognitive decline.

Our attention and concentration skills are constantly evolving. They have the ability to change and improve over time. Scientific evidence has shown that with an appropriate cognitive training program, it's possible to stimulate and strengthen this cognitive function. The attention training from CogniFit offers a battery of online games and activities that automatically adapts to the user's areas of improvement, ensuring that they get the best training possible and tailoring training to each individual. With CogniFit, anyone can put their attention and concentration skills to the test.


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Who is it for?

Who is it for?

The CogniFit program was designed for the healthy population looking to improve attention and concentration, as well as patients with disorders or brain damage that are looking to recover and strengthen attention and concentration with one or more activities. The attention games from CogniFit are an excellent complementary tool to neuropsychological rehabilitation. Thanks to its easy-to-use design and interactive platform, the concentration and attention games from CogniFit can be used by almost anyone:

People who want to improve their attention

To exercise attention and concentration

CogniFit is designed so that anyone can train attention-related cognitive abilities in an accessible way. The attention cognitive training makes it possible to reinforce the weakest aspects of our concentration in a way that is personalized and adapted to our needs. In this way, CogniFit training can be performed by any individual who wants to improve their concentration in order to be more efficient in their daily life. It is also an effective tool for preventing and rehabilitating attention problems.
Family or caregivers

Stimulate the attention and concentration of family members or other relatives.

Young children, older people and some adults with attention problems may have difficulty managing their own training. This is why CogniFit offers the platform for family members and caregivers, which gives you the possibility to recommend to your family members the most appropriate activities for their needs. In this way, not being familiar with new technologies or with neuroscience will not be an impediment to stimulate, prevent and rehabilitate the different cognitive capacities related to the attention and concentration of your relatives.
Healthcare Professionals

To strengthen a patient's attention and concentration

CogniFit attention-training games are an excellent tool for stimulating, preventing and rehabilitating different cognitive abilities related to attention and concentration. In addition to offering a personalized training plan, it allows activities to be performed both in practice and at home (cognitive tele-stimulation). It a perfect supplement for attention difficulties related therapy, or for healthy people who have a low level of this ability.
School Professionals

Help students train and improve their attention

Attention problems are frequently detected in schools and colleges, so it is a very suitable environment to stimulate cognitive abilities. CogniFit's school platform makes it possible to regulate and manage training games for students, either from the study center itself or from home. In this way, teachers and professors will be able to access the results and the evolution of the students' attention in order to compare and adapt the student's performance during classes.
Researchers and Scientists

To study the effect of cognitive training on the attention of research participants.

This brain training program helps researchers and scientists around the world to perform cognitive interventions that allow in-depth study of the neuropsychological characteristics of attention. CogniFit saves the scientific team and participants time by simplifying the collection, management, and analysis of study data. In addition, the CogniFit Platform for Researchers has a control group that offers different tasks to the control group, and always at the lowest level of difficulty. This allows researchers to create complete experimental designs.

Trained cognitive skills

Trained cognitive skills

Attention and concentration have a series of components with different degrees of complexity that we need in our daily lives. CogniFit attention and concentration training helps work these components through its exercises and games:

Cognitive Domains Trained
Cognitive Skills


Ability to filter distractions and focus on relevant information. Attention accompanies every cognitive process and is in charge of assigning cognitive resources depending on the relevance of both internal and external stimuli. Good attention skills are necessary for other high-level processes, like memory or planning. Attention is an essential process that requires the use of different parts of the brain, from the brainstem or the parietal cortex, to the prefrontal cortex. However, it seems that the right hemisphere has a predominant role in controlling attention. This cognitive area makes it possible to stay alert and pay attention to the stimuli when other irrelevant distractors are present, concentration for long periods of time, alternating attention between different activities, or dividing attention when two events are happening at the same time.


459Your Score


Focused Attention

Focused Attention

The brain's ability to concentrate its attention on a target stimulus for any period of time. Focused attention allows us to focus on the stimuli and words placed on the blackboard during a class.

524Your Score


Divided Attention

Divided Attention

The brain's ability to attend to two different stimuli at the same time, and respond to the multiple demands of your surroundings. We put this cognitive function into action when we walk down the street as we write on our smartphone and manage not to hit any obstacles.

500Your Score




The ability to inhibit or control impulsive (or automatic) responses, and create responses by using attention and reasoning. Inhibition is the function that allows us to stop an action we have initiated, such as when we are going to change lanes with our vehicle, but we see another driver approaching that lane at high speed and we must stay in our lane.

422Your Score




The ability to oversee actions and behavior as you carry out a task to ensure that it is being completed according to the plan of action. It is essential for everyday activities such as cooking, to make sure that, for example, we boil the pasta for the right amount of time before serving it.

392Your Score


What will I achieve with CogniFit attention and concentration training?

What will I achieve with CogniFit attention and concentration training?

CogniFit attention and concentration training relies on the brain plasticity of our brain to enhance these cognitive skills. The goal is for users to:

  • Help improve your attention and concentration: Attention is necessary for daily activities. A good attention skill will make us more efficient and activities will take less effort. For example, it will be easier for us to pay attention in class, to concentrate at work, to have a conversation, or follow the plot of a movie, etc.
  • Reduce the impact of symptoms in different disorders : Attention is a very susceptible cognitive function, and can be altered with some frequency. The main disorder where attention is affected is ADHD, however, it can also be altered in dyslexia, schizophrenia, brain damage, anxiety or mood disorders. By improving attention we can help reduce symptoms related to these disorders.
  • Delay decline in attention and concentration: Older people may find it difficult to concentrate on one activity for a long time, or to do more than one activity at a time. This can be caused by a decline in attention due to normal aging of the brain, or by a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer's disease. Proper attention exercises can strengthen this cognitive skill in the face of impairment possibly delaying the consequences.
  • Prevent attention difficulties: Sometimes it is not even necessary to suffer from a disease in order for our cognitive skills to be affected. When we age, we are faced with fewer tasks and less demanding activities. By imposing less demands on our brains, our neurons "get used" to the lack of activity. Ultimately, this lack of activity can end up reducing the efficiency of cognitive abilities such as attention. However, with proper cognitive training, it is possible to keep our brain in shape and help prevent further deterioration of our abilities.

How does it strengthen cognitive function?

How does it strengthen cognitive function?

CogniFit is a leading intervention tool that uses online brain games. These clinical online games help reinforce and strengthen the neural activation patterns used in attention and concentration. The repeated activation of these patterns may produce the creation of new synapses and the myelination of the neural circuits capable of recovering or improving attention.

CogniFit uses its clinical online brain games for attention to help the nervous system promote the recovery of the brain after suffering from structural deficits, disorders, or injury, where attention and concentration are affected. These brain games are not only helpful for cognitive rehabilitation but are also perfect for anyone who wants to challenge and improve their cognitive skills.

Playing online games with no set training program won't help you improve your cognitive skills. In order for brain games to be effective, it must meet the following characteristics: An appropriate cognitive training requires a therapeutic goal, scientific validation, and regulated exercises, like the games that CogniFit offers. Following these requirements, the brain will be receiving the appropriate brain training that it needs.

1st WEEK

2nd WEEK

3rd WEEK

Graphic projection of neural networks after 3 weeks.



CogniFit is a leading platform in attention and concentration training with online brain games. All of the tasks and exercises were designed by experts in neuroplasticity and cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation. This online platform is based on scientific methodology to stimulate and rehabilitate attention and offers many different advantages:

Easy to use

The platforms for private and professional users are very simple and intuitive to use, so it can be used without having any special knowledge of neuroscience or computer science. CogniFit provides intuitive, agile and effective management of training tasks.

Highly attractive

The games have an attractive design, which encourages user motivation, particularly among children, easing their commitment to training.

Interactive and visual format

The interactive format of the instructions and the results of the attention games helps to clarify the tasks.

Complete results report

The results of the attention training give fast and accurate feedback. This lets us be updated about our evolution and cognitive state.

Progress and evolution

The data is collected and coded during training, so that we can focus only on executing the task correctly. CogniFit analyzes and compares these data automatically. In addition, the data is available for us to know if we are improving or if we need to reinforce our training.

Adapted to each user

The CogniFit tool uses our performance during each session to regulate the degree of difficulty and training automatically, allowing us to perform a personalized intervention.


CogniFit attention games can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access. This allows for remote rehabilitation or cognitive remote stimulation. Thus, professionals will be able to monitor from their computer the cognitive evolution of patients without the need to be present.

What happens if you don't train your cognitive skills?

What happens if you don't train your cognitive skills?

Attention is a cognitive function that we use in our daily lives. People are not able to process a lot of information at the same time. Attention is the mental process that makes it possible to focus and differentiate between relevant and irrelevant stimuli. Poor attention could significantly reduce the quality of life.

As children, one's ability to pay attention is limited and continues to develop along with the brain. Poor development of attention control in this stage may develop as Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD/ADHD). Attention can also be affected by a number of different disorders (like depression or dementia), and in brain injury, among others. This is why it is so important to take care and train attention.






How much time should I spend with CogniFit?


How much time should I spend with CogniFit?

The games from CogniFit are exceptionally comfortable to use. Each of the automated training sessions for attention and concentration last about 10 to 15 minutes. We recommend training two or three times a week on non-consecutive days. In order to make this easier to remember, CogniFit can send reminders for each training session.

During each training session for attention and concentration, the CogniFit tool will automatically propose two brain stimulation games and a cognitive assessment task. This way, it's possible to easily measure the progress of attention and other subtypes: focused attention, divided attention, etc.

CogniFit is unique

CogniFit is unique

Multidisciplinary Exercises

Complete results report

Automatic task selection

Leading Instrument

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

Customized for each user

Scientifically validated

CogniFit is a leader in scientific brain games for attention. The training program for attention is made up of multi-dimensional and clinically validated exercises that combine different therapeutic activities. From classic rehabilitation tools to pedagogic activities designed for professionals to help re-train attention and other cognitive skills, CogniFit makes it possible to optimize efficiency and transform cognitive weaknesses into strengths.

Each of the activities that make up the brain training program for attention adapt to each user's needs as they train. This patented technology was designed by an international team of scientists, neurologists, and psychologists who are dedicated to studying the newest advances in neuroscience and attention.

The brain training programs to help improve attention from CogniFit are unique, as they continually measure user performance and automatically select the type and difficulty of the tasks that each individual needs to practice most. This makes it possible to keep the brain challenged and help the user improve cognitive skills.

The personalized training program from CogniFit stores the user's data during each session and provides a detailed report about the user's cognitive performance in each level. This makes it possible to see the user's initial cognitive level and compare it to current levels of attention and other cognitive skills.

Customer Service

Customer Service

If you have any questions about how CogniFit attention and concentration training works, data management or interpretation, you can contact us immediately. Our team of experts in neuroscience and developmental disorders will answer your questions and help you with everything you need.

Contact Us Now



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John Davis


Great service and tool.

Mary Miller


I had doubts whether the assessment was accurate but the report seemed ok.

Katie Schwartz


The best quality-price for their assessments and training.



I am currently using CogniFit for my assessment and testing of cognitive ability course, I don't have the results yet but customer service has been very helpful.

Cynthia Williams


I use this tool in my clinical practice. My patients find it easy to use.

Elizabeth Brown


I had trouble registering, however, customer service helped me through the process.



The games are fun.



My daughter's teacher recommended CogniFit to train her attention and memory. She practices constantly.



I started having memory problems last year. I found this site and decided to try it.



I didn't like a couple of games. The rest seemed fun.



I didn't understand the results, but all my questions were answered by customer service.

Lindsay Richardson


I keep improving

Jason Parker


I had trouble concentrating, so I started using this tool.



Love that it was also available in Spanish, not only did I get to train my memory but also practice my Spanish vocabulary by reading the instructions.



My neurologist insisted I try it. It seemed silly playing games but I am slowly seeing the difference.

Patrick M.


It says to practice 3 times a week but I don't have time for that.






Like it.

Alex Lawson


It compared me to other people my own age.

Chris Aaron


Useful and easy to use.



Requires way too much training time.



Had trouble with a game but they immediately helped me.



CogniFit services have been excellent.



Easy to use and fun games.



Full report only took 20 minutes, had trouble downloading it.



Thank you for your help!



Started my thesis project using this tool. They have been very helpful.



The report is very thorough and easy to read.

Michael Rodriguez


Tried other brain trainings and found this one adapted to my needs

Robert Babcock


Assessment seemed a bit long but the report seemed thorough enough.

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