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Perception is the cognitive process or the capability to attain awareness and understand the environment surrounding us by interpreting, selecting and organizing different type of information. All perceptions involve stimuli in the central nervous system. These stimuli result from the stimulation of our sense organs such as auditory stimuli when one hears a sound, visual stimuli when light strikes the retinas of the eyes or a taste when someone eats something.

Perception depends on a large number of complex and different functions of our brain and the nervous system. Usually, the process of perception seems effortless as we are not consciously aware of it.

Perception is not only passive and can be shaped by our learning, experiences, education and memory. By training your brain and your cognitive abilities, you can improve the different skills that you use to perceive the world around you, be more aware and improve your learning capacity.

Perception involves both bottom-up processes (the low-level information which we use to construct and establish higher-level information such as when we recognize the shape of an object) as well as top-down processes of treating sensory input (such as the knowledge and expectations which can influence our perception). The plasticity of the human brain is structured in a modular way, with different brain parts registering and processing different kinds of sensory information and stimuli.

Cognitive skills play a critical role in our ability to perceive. Having strong cognitive abilities can help us be more focused and gain access to a greater awareness of our surroundings.

CogniFit develops scientifically validated brain training programs which can assess, measure and train those important cognitive skills which are used in the process of perception.

The CogniFit brain training regimen is available online and you can start by taking a short assessment of your current cognitive level. The patented technology then offers you a simple and personalized way to train the cognitive skills that need it the most and see how those can affect your perception and cognitive processes.

Start the brain training assessment today and get access to a new understanding to your cognitive health.


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