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CogniFit Brain Training: Personalized Cognitive Stimulation
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Leader in Brain Training and Brain Stimulation

The CogniFit personalized brain training is designed to activate and train the five main cognitive domains, perception, attention, memory, reasoning, and coordination, and more than 20 cognitive skills.

The CogniFit personalized brain training program uses advanced algorithms to automatically adjust difficulty and tailor games to the user’s cognitive level. All 30 brain games and 18 assessment tasks that make up this scientific resource have been perfected to consistently and automatically measure user performance and adjust the difficulty of each game, as well as the type of task assigned to each user.

All of the brain games and activities that make up this brain training program are designed to become more difficult after training, progressively requiring more cognitive resources and adapting to the personal characteristics of each user, like age and possible cognitive damage or decline.

This online brain training program from CogniFit can be used by children, adults, and seniors to improve brain health, recover from brain damage affecting cognitive skills, or help the healthy population maintain cognitive resources. The personalized brain training program from CogniFit can help recover a number of functions and prevent or delay the natural cognitive decline that we face, starting from about 20 years-old.

CogniFit Brain traning - Cognitive Tools

How does CogniFit personalized brain training stimulate the brain?

CogniFit personalized online brain training can activate and strengthen fundamental cognitive abilities with the help of neuroplasticity.

Brain training with CogniFit cognitive intervention program can stimulate certain neural activation patterns. By repeating these patterns through brain training, new synaptic connections and neural circuits can be created in order to rehabilitate and reorganize weak or damaged cognitive functions. CogniFit personalized brain training can not only rehabilitate weak neural patterns but can also strengthen existing neural patterns in order to maintain healthy cognitive abilities.

This brain stimulation program has been created to stimulate the adaptive potential of the nervous system and help the brain recover from structural alterations, disorders or injuries where cognitive abilities are affected. CogniFit personalized brain training is designed for anyone who is looking to test and improve their cognitive abilities.

Brain Training Program - CogniFit Image NT

Advantages of the CogniFit personalized brain training

This scientific brain stimulation and rehabilitation program offers many advantages.

  • Any person can use this program without previous knowledge of neuroscience or advanced technology systems. This allows for a simple and effective management of the tasks and results of the personalized cognitive training.
  • The games were designed with user experience in mind. All of the clinical tasks are presented as fun and interactive games, which can improve motivation in adults and children alike.
  • Instructions and explanations are interactive and visual, making them easier to understand.
  • CogniFit personalized brain training offers fast and precise feedback with real-time and reliable results
  • User performance is stored automatically, which allows the program to automatically track and monitor progress and adjust the program according to the users’ needs.
  • Analysis of user evolution and progress is automatic because work data is saved in real-time.
  • CogniFit personalized brain training adapts to the possible limitations a user might have, making it accessible to almost anyone.
  • CogniFit has created this program to facilitate remote rehabilitation or cognitive tele-stimulation. Health professionals can supervise their patients’ cognitive intervention remotely via Internet, without having to be in the room with them.

What happens if you don't train your cognitive skills or stimulate your brain?

Our brains are designed to save resources and be as efficient as possible, which is why it eliminates the connections that aren't being used. This is why if a certain cognitive skill isn't used frequently, the brain doesn't supply it with the resources it needs, and it becomes weaker and weaker. This makes us less able to use the weakened cognitive skill, making us less efficient in activities in our daily lives.

Our mental processes need to be activated regularly in order to keep them from weakening over time. One of the most efficient tools to activate and strengthen cognitive skills is the personalized brain training program from CogniFit. This leading cognitive stimulation program offers a precise, scientific tool to activate the brain and its different fundamental neural patterns.

Brain training CogniFit tools

Is the CogniFit brain training program right for me?

This brain stimulation and training program can be applied to anyone. Everyone can develop and improve mental abilities to optimize and improve brain function.

  • Proper brain training through specific tasks aimed at improving, restructuring or restoring cognitive abilities can increase cognitive reserve. This helps slow down cognitive deterioration, minimizing the negative effects in the user's daily life.
  • The brain's fibers and cognitive performance tend to deteriorate naturally with age. The personalized brain training program from CogniFit can help delay and/or restore the cognitive abilities weakened by aging.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation is also useful in neurodegenerative diseases, where intervention is designed to slow down the neurodegenerative process as much as possible.
  • Through challenging and constant cognitive training, the brain can alter function and structure to optimize cognitive performance.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation is not able to activate damaged brain tissues. However, thanks to cortical reorganization, it can stimulate adjacent healthy or less affected areas of the brain in order to recover lost function and activate and establish new neural connections. Doing this will help other areas of the brain assume the lost functions of the damaged brain area.

Brain Training-Online Cognitive Stimulation

How much time should you dedicate to CogniFit personalized brain training?

A full brain training session usually lasts 10-15 minutes and can be played anywhere, at any time. CogniFit recommends 2 or 3 sessions a week spread over different days, and offers e-mail reminders to notify users when it’s time to train. In each brain training session, the users will find two brain games and one cognitive evaluation task that will measure the evolution and improvement of each cognitive skill.

Brain training should be taken seriously, which is why CogniFit Personalized Brain Training Program was designed to assign each user the exact games that they need in order to get the best training possible. CogniFit will automatically send each user the personalized training program, which will be made up of two brain games designed to train the user’s areas of improvement, and a single task to measure a certain set of cognitive skills. This set of games is what allows the program to track progress and continue to adapt to the user's needs.

CogniFit personalized brain training is unique

CogniFit is the leading instrument in the cognitive stimulation and brain training field. It is made up of a series of standardized and clinically validated exercises that combine different therapeutic activities specially designed by professionals, such as classical techniques of rehabilitation, learning, and educational activities in order to re-train cognitive skills and optimize their effectiveness.

CogniFit personalized brain training adjusts difficulty as the user advances through their cognitive training. This patented technology has been designed by an international team of scientists, neurologists, and psychologists, who work with the latest discoveries and advances in the brain.

CogniFit brain training is unique in that it enables continuous measurement of the user’s performance and automatically selects the difficulty of the tasks that best fit the individual's cognitive outcomes. This presents a constant challenge, helping the user stay motivated and get the most out of their brain training.

Finally, CogniFit personalized cognitive training measures the user's cognitive progress during every training sessions. A comprehensive report shows detailed results of the user's cognitive profile. This allows the user to check initial cognitive level, improvement, effort, and a number of other areas.

When it comes to brain training, CogniFit knows the differences between playing games and training with a purpose. While some classic games, like Sudoku and Mahjong, are great for playing and entertainment, it takes a scientifically backed training program to make sure that your brain is getting the workout it needs. This means consistently playing and challenging the brain with new activities, which the CogniFit personalized brain training does automatically.

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