Ways to keep your Brain in shape with Free Memory Games Online

Ways to keep your Brain in shape with Free Memory Games Online

Memory is a critical aspect of our daily life. We use our memory constantly. Much like a muscle, our memory can be trained by using scientifically validated memory games and serious brain exercises. Memory games are designed to help you assess and train your memory, brain and other cognitive abilities.

Incorporating the latest research in brain plasticity, CogniFit develops specific brain training and memory games to help you stay sharp. By using CogniFit, you will gain access to a large number of memory games and you can then select different training options that fit your unique needs.

Memory usually defines different types of memory functions and processed which are used when memorizing something. Memory can refer to short-term memory, working memory, long-term memory or even contextual memory. We use all this different types of memory at certain moments and depending on the situation. Sometimes we use those memory systems together while at other times we use them separately.

Before starting a memory game online, you need to make sure that it has been scientifically validated and that while you are actually playing, your brain and memory will get trained. There is an important distinction between free memory games which are not really assessing and training your memory actively and scientifically designed mind games online which are effective. It is also important to use a program that can train the different types of memory and not only one of them. You want to make sure that the time spent training is useful and offers you a complete regimen for your memory.

By only spending an hour a week, you could see rapid improvements in your memory. Using CogniFit, you can also easily track your evolution and see how much you improve over time and compare yourself with the rest of the world.

CogniFit memory exercises are available online so you can immediately discover your current memory level and get a better understanding of your current cognitive level.

In conjunction with CogniFit, you can also use the following tips to challenge and train your memory:

Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape
  1. Try a new route on your way to work.
  2. Learn another language.
  3. Travel to a new and unfamiliar destination.
  4. Read a different section of the newspaper.
  5. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  6. Try using your non-dominant hand for eating or writing.
  7. Do your CogniFit training and its memory games.
  8. Do mental exercise, play chess or bridge.
  9. Learn a new word every day.

Embark on a brain fitness program and start assessing and training your memory today with CogniFit!

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