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One of our cognitive skills

  • Access our neuropsychologial and cognitive stimulation explorations.

  • Evaluate your attention level.

  • Train your possible cognitive deficiencies. Give it a try!


Attention is a cognitive process that lets you selectively focus and concentrate on one aspect of your environment while disregarding others. When you are paying attention to something, you are allocating resources and concentrating on that specific information.

The capacity to focus and selectively pay attention is an essential skill for daily life. You use your attention for most of the activities you perform in your day-to-day. It is important to keep a healthy brain and train your cognitive abilities so you can maintain and improve your capacity to pay attention, concentrate and focus.

With CogniFit, you will be able to evaluate and train all of the skills related to attention, such as divided attention, inhibition, updating, and focus. All of these skills have been scientifically validated by various universities, like the Tel Aviv University (Tev Aviv University, Sackler School of Medicine).


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