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  • Cognitive assessment test.

  • Assess your hand-eye coordination with this cognitive test.

  • identify possible alterations in the area of coordination.


Technical Specifications

The COOR Precision test was inspired by the Wisconsin (Card Sorting Test Manual) test. The task was designed to assess the user's coordination abilities. It will be important to control precision in the movements and combine two actions (visual and manual) for the objective. Response time will be very important in this test, as it is only of the variables that will be measured.

  • Evaluated cognitive abilities: Hand-eye coordination.
  • Time allowed:Between approximately 60 and 70 seconds.
  • Areas of application:Educational Psychological, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychological, and General Medicine.
  • Format: Online Computerized Test (PCs, cell phones, and tablets).
  • Objective:Use the cursor to follow the ball as carefully as possible.
  • Instructions: When the test starts, place the cursor over the ball on the screen. Keep the cursor on the ball with as much precision as you can. The ball will be moving, and the objective is to follow its movement as carefully as you can, ensuring the cursor does not leave the center of the ball.

Neuropsychological Assessment- CogniFit Cognitive Test


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