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Exploration Test


  • Cognitive assessment tool to measure brain abilities.

  • Measures and evaluates visual scanning and response time.

  • Identifies most deficient cognitive domains. Give it a try!


Technical Specifications

The Exploration Test SCAVI-REST was inspired by the Hooper Visual Organization Task (VOT) test by Hooper (1983). This cognitive assessment is responsible for measuring visual scanning and response time in order to find a stimulus that is surrounded by other, less important stimuli. Initially, it requires an investigation of the context on a general level, in order to later perform a more specific scan. In this case it is looking for the main letter. The first exploration, the general one, anticipates the external stimuli that are around, so that the specific exploration can be more effective.

  • Evaluated cognitive abilities:Visual scanning and response time.
  • Time allowed:Between approximately 60-70 seconds.
  • Areas of application:Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, and General Medicine.
  • Format:Online Computerized Test (PCs, cell phones, and tablets).
  • Objective:Find the key letter in the group of letters as quickly as possible.
  • Instructions:When the game begins, the key letter will appear to the left of the screen. You must find all of the letter that appear in the group of letters on the screen that are the same as the letters on the left side of the screen. The key letters will change as more hits are made. Find each letter in the group as fast as you can by clicking on it.
Neuropsychological Assessment- CogniFit Cognitive Test


Hooper, E. H (1983). Hooper visual organization test (VOT).

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