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Sequencing Test


  • Neuropsychological assessment.

  • Assessment to measure working memory and other cognitive abilities.

  • Identifies possible alterations related to memory. Try it!


Technical Specifications

The Sequencing Test WOM-ASM was based on Conners' classic test (CPT) and the Wecshler Memory Scale (WMS) test of direct and indirect digits. Using these tests, we are able to observe the temporary storage capacity and, above all, the capacity to manipulate information to perform higher cognitive tasks, such as language comprehension or reasoning.

  • Evaluated cognitive abilities:Working memory, auditory short-term memory, short-term memory, response time, and processing speed.
  • Time allowed:Between approximately 60 and 70 seconds.
  • Areas of application: Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, and General Medicine.
  • Format:Online Computerized Tests (PCs, cell phones, and tablets).
  • Objective:Memorize the largest amount of numbers that appear in a series, trying to avoid mistakes.
  • Task instructions:A set of balls with different numbers appear on the screen. You must memorize the order that the balls appear. The set will first be of just one number, increasing each time. The following series will have two numbers, then three, etc. until the user makes a mistake memorizing the corresponding series. You must pay attention to each set of numbers, as you will have to reproduce the given set.

Neuropsychological Assessment- CogniFit Cognitive Test


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Wechsler, D. (1945). A standardized memory scale for clinical use. The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, 19(1), 87-95.

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