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Mental Agility Games

Put your brain to the test! Online mental agility games for kids and adults

This page is for information only. We do not sell any products that treat conditions. CogniFit's products to treat conditions are currently in validation process. If you are interested please visit CogniFit Research Platform
  • Get access to a ton of mental agility games

  • The challenges are adapted for each child and adult

  • Agility exercises designed by scientists. Play for free!

Start Now

The team of neurologists and cognitive psychologists at CogniFit have designed a complete battery of mental agility games, which are practiced online and are aimed to stimulate cognitive skills and brain plasticity in children and adults. The program assesses your agility level and automatically presents challenging exercises specifically adapted to each profile.

CogniFit's mental agility games and exercises were created by professionals to help you test your mental capacity and challenge your brain. Start today!

What will you gain? The mental agility games from CogniFit will help you improve your problem solving skills, relate concepts, reason, plan, etc. Essentially, these mental agility games will allow you to gain the skills to efficiently face and solve any problem in your daily life. Keeping your brain in shape and healthy provides numerous benefits in the long term. The mental agility games allow us to strengthen our brain functions, increase mental vitality, and kick-start neural regeneration and reconnection. These mental challenges have multiple benefits:

  • Mental agility games for kids: Promote learning throughout childhood.
  • Mental agility games for adults: Improve cognitive vitality throughout adulthood.

Online mental agility games desgined by scientists for children and adults

There is a close relationship between people who practice mental agility games and their IQ. Find ways to overcome the challenges presented by these exercises, sharpen your intelligence, and improve your thinking and reasoning skills. Many neurologists used these rehabilitation and neurocognitive stimulation programs to help improve or delay diseases like MS, Parkinson's, cognitive deterioration, Alzheimer's Disease, dyslexia, ADHD, insomnia, dyscalculia, etc. This is why mental agility games can boost neuroplasticity and help the brain recover after injuries or disorders.

Keeping our brains active throughout childhood is just as important as keeping our brains active as adults. Solving puzzles and logic games can help us keep an adequate cognitive base and reduce the risk of suffering from diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. This doesn't mean that these mental agility games are only for adults. As we mentioned before, children also need to keep their brains active and practice these games to improve their memory and concentration. Mental agility games improve their learning and cognitive abilities. Another important advantage is the feeling of accomplishment after completing a task, which boosts confidence and can help the child grow into a more well-rounded adult.

The brain training industry is booming, and everyday there are more and more mental agility games and puzzles available. You don't need to have specific skills to solve them, only logic and patience. With the help of the Internet, you can find a ton of games online, but how many of them really work? There is a big difference between the brain training programs like CogniFit has and the brain games and puzzles that you can find elsewhere. CogniFit is proven to have real benefits, while other programs are solely for fun and entertainment.

Online mental agility games for kids and adults

What benefits can CogniFit's mental agility games give me?

  • Scientifically based: If you take your mental aptitude seriously, you probably don't want to waste your time playing mental agility games that haven't been proven to be effective. This way, you can always be sure that the product you're using has shown favorable results in people with similar age, gender, and health characteristics.
  • Adaptable: As you already know, the big secret for maintaining brain vitality and getting the most out of our brain capacity is finding something to constantly challenge us, that can advance and grow with us. This allows your brain to always be "at the limit" of its maximum capacity when completing the demanding requirements of a given task. Some programs will allow you to choose a level as you advance. However, your results will be maximized if you use a brain training program that can offer you an independent and objective assessment of your performance that will indicate if you are ready to move on or not.
  • Variety: The majority of braining training games only work one skill, like divided attention or working memory. Sometimes they are even only based around training memory games. So, if you want to get the most out of your training, you need to find programs that train a wide variety of skills. The brain training exercises that train a wide range of cognitive skills make it possible to have a transversal improvement of your skills.
  • Customer Service: Brain training is not a DIY project. You need time to see a noticeable difference, and it's possible that as you progress, questions arise about your training and how it works. This is why you need to make sure that the brain training program that you choose offers the option to get technical and theoretical support. It is the best way to make sure that you're really getting the best our of your training, and that your money is going to a truly beneficial cause.
Online mental agility games for kids and adults

This is why we suggest that before starting a mental agility game online, you make sure that it was designed to train every area of the brain. The online games from CogniFit are made to train and assess your cognitive activity, so you can compare yourself to other users around the world and know that your training is working.

The mental agility games from CogniFit are available online so you can practice sooner and start training your cognitive abilities easily. You don't have any excuses. So, what are you waiting for?

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