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Cognitive Skills

Naming is the ability to retrieve a word from our semantic lexicon and is considered to be a basic ability and developmental skill. Throughout our lives, we learn the names of the objects and people around us. Good naming requires strong memory storage and retrieval. It is easier to retrieve familiar and common words than uncommon ones. We need intact naming ability to express ourselves clearly.

Examples of naming include trying to remember a person's or object's name, or finding the appropriate answer for a crossword puzzle. Training your naming ability will activate your lexicon and prevent you from forgetting words.

Example: You walk down the street and see someone who went to high school with you. You struggle a bit to REMEMBER HIS NAME. When it finally pops into your head, you approach him and catch up on recent news.

Example: You are giving directions to someone and suddenly you cannot remember the name of a nearby and well-known street which he must cross.

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