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Memory Training

Daily training will help to improve your memory capabilities

  • Get access to a neuropsychological program.

  • Work memory and other cognitive abilities through our personalized training program.

  • Help improve your memory abilities. Give it a try!

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When you're cooking, you're not only watching the stove; you might also entertaining guests and remembering recipes, watching the children, and thinking about your meeting at work tomorrow. When you break it down, it seems like a lot, but our brain is wired to handle tasks like this with ease, and often without breaking a sweat. However, you need to use multiple different cognitive skills, like planning. In the case above, you'll need to plan the meal, choose the ingredients, make the right portions, and think about how long it all needs to cook for. Luckily, memory training can help us improve our planning and other skills, which will help us carry out daily tasks with more ease.

Another important cognitive skill that is necessary for your dinner party is Short-term memory.You'll need to remember which guest just told you he was allergic to red wine and which one doesn't want grated cheese on her pasta. Without memory training, you might forget these small requests and end up having to make a new plate for one of more of your guests.

Your hand-eye coordination prevents you from spilling things, cutting yourself, or getting burnt by the stove. You'll need divided attention so you can watch two pots at the same time while you entertain your friends with stories about how you set a pot holder on fire the last time you made the dish. With proper memory training, you'll be able to tell your story, cook, and keep and eye on the pots without any problem.

Focus allows you to move around from the kitchen to the table to snack and go back to the tasks that you were doing previously.

This is just an example of the amount of cognitive skills that may be used to complete any one action. That's why CogniFit has a memory training program that helps to strengthen the cognitive skills used necessary to carry-out daily tasks. Each of the games and tasks are designed as a tool to help train the cognitive abilities needed most for each individual person. Our brain games and tasks have been reviewed by a team of scientists, psychologists, and neurologists that are searching for high performance and overall health of the user. Our memory training games and exercises have been shown to help improve cognitive skills, which may help benefit the user's overall health.


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