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"Minus Malus" brain game: What is it?

Minus Malus is a mind game that activates a number of different cognitive abilities. In order to advance through the game, the user will have to use the cannon to launch the balls with different values assigned to them. The goal is to knock down each of the falling packages by hitting it with the right amount of points, which is indicated on the package. As the game progresses, it will become more challenging and require more cognitive resources.

This game will adapt to the user's level as they continue to train. Minus Malus is a scientific resource that was designed to continuously measure cognitive improvement and automatically adjust the difficulty to optimize cognitive training. Minus Malus is a fun and engaging game for both children and adults to help train and activate essential cognitive abilities.

How can the brain game "Minus Malus" improve your cognitive abilities?

When training the brain with brain games like Minus Malus, you stimulate specific neural patterns. Consistently repeating and training this pattern can help create new synapses and neural circuits able to reorganize and recover weak or damaged cognitive functions.

This game is indicated for anyone looking to challenge and improve cognitive performance.

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Neural Connections CogniFit

Neural Connections CogniFit

Which cognitive skills can "Minus Malus" improve?

The cognitive abilities that you can improve with this mind game are:

  • Processing Speed: This mind game requires the user to quickly perform mental math and calculations in order to destroy the packages before they reach the ground. This exercise trains processing speed, which makes it possible to be more efficient in a number of daily activities, like counting change at the grocery store or calculating how much money is in your budget.
  • Shifting:Throughout this game, each number will be assigned a different key, but the key assigned to each number will change as the game progresses. This is why the user will have to use their cognitive shifting to adapt to the different changes through the game. Training cognitive shifting can help you react more efficiently to new or unexpected situations, like when you can't find the type of yogurt you were looking for at the store, or when the pants you want to wear are in the wash.
  • Working memory: We will need to be constantly performing mental calculations to know which stimuli we should throw the ball to. Working memory helps us to manipulate and work with the information we retain in our short-term memory. For example, it is extremely useful for making mental calculations.

Other relevant cognitive skills are:

  • Divided attention: We use divided attention in a number of everyday tasks, from driving and talking, to cooking and texting at the same time. This is why it is so important to train and improve this cognitive ability. Minus Malus helps activate divided attention when the user aims the cannon and adds up the points of the balls, which is how this mind game can help improve divided attention.
  • Focused Attention:This game requires the user to determine the target number on the package in order to launch the correct points. Playing Minus Malus trains this cognitive skill, which can help you be more efficient when looking for a street sign or reading the license plate on a car.
  • Visual Scanning: When working to see all of the different packages falling on the screen, you'll be using and strengthening visual scanning. This game can help make a number of different daily activities more efficient, like searching for your keys or the remote, or trying to find your car in a parking lot.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: When aiming the mouse to hit the falling package, the user will be using their coordination, which may make it easier to tie their shoes or write with better handwriting.
  • Planning: Throughout the game, the user will have to launch the right number in order to bring the target's number to 0, which can be quite challenging. Practicing and training this cognitive skill can strengthen the neural connections used in planning, making you more efficient when planning a new route to a friend's house or organizing your summer trip.
  • Estimation: The user will use estimation in Minus Malus when they have to estimate how quickly the targets are falling on the screen, how far they are from the ground, and how much time they have to shoot it down. This cognitive skill is very important in daily life as well, like when you pass a ball to a teammate, or when you have to jump over a puddle in the road. Practicing this game can help improve estimation, which will help make you more precise in your estimations.
  • Spatial Perception: When the user works to aim the cannon right at the target, the brain is working and training spatial perception. These are the same brain areas that are activated when you park a car or throw a basketball in the net.

What happens if you don't train your cognitive skills?

Our brains are designed to reserve resources, so when there are connections that aren't being used, the brain automatically eliminates it. If a certain cognitive skill isn't regularly trained, the brain won't give resources to that neural activation pattern, which can cause it to become weaker and weaker. This causes us to be less able when using a certain cognitive function, making us less effective in our day to day lives.

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