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General Cognitive Assessment

Tested skills

Auditory Short-term Memory

The ability to remember auditory information over a brief period of time.

Auditory perception

Auditory Perception is the ability to perceive and understand the difference between sounds.

Contextual Memory

The conscious recall of the source and circumstances of a specific memory.

Divided Attention

The ability to execute more than one action at a time, while paying attention to a few channels of information.


The ability to estimate an object's future location based on its current speed and distance.

Focused Attention

The ability to focus attention on a single stimulus

Hand-eye Coordination

The level of sensitivity with which the hand and eye are synchronized.


The ability to ignore irrelevant stimuli or suppress irrelevant reactions while performing a task.


The ability to retrieve a word from our semantic lexicon and is considered to be a basic ability.

Non-verbal Memory

The ability to store and retrieve information which are non-verbal by nature.


The ability to "think ahead", to mentally anticipate the correct way to execute a task.

Processing Speed

Involves the ability to fluently perform easy or over-learned tasks.


The ability to retrieve information from the past and to recognize certain events, places or other information.

Response Time

The ability to perceive and process a simple stimulus and respond to it.


Ability to adapt behavior and thoughts to new, changing, or unexpected circumstances

Short-Term Memory

The ability to hold a small amount of information in a readily, available state for a short period of time.

Spatial Perception

The ability to evaluate how things are arranged in space, and investigate their relations in the environment.


The ability to respond in a flexible and adaptive manner in order to keep up with the changes in the environment.

Visual Perception

The ability to interpret information from the effects of visible light reaching the eye.

Visual Scanning

The ability to actively find relevant information in our surroundings quickly and efficiently.

Visual Short Term Memory

The ability to temporarily retain a small amount of visual information.

Working Memory

Refers to the temporary storage and manipulation of the information necessary for complex cognitive tasks.

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General Cognitive Assessment

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About this assessment

The general cognitive assessment provides you with a full assessment of a large number of cognitive skills such as your short-term memory, your hand-eye coordination, your focus and planning. In total, more than 15 cognitive skills are measured by the general cognitive assessment.

By completing your full cognitive assessment, you will gain different insights about your cognition and will understand what are your stronger skills and which ones could need some training.

The results report includes:

01Signs and Symptoms

The questions that you fill out at the beginning of the assessment will help us assess your cognitive risks.

Example of data found in the report


Low risk

02Cognitive score

The complete study of the evaluated areas and their respective cognitive abilities affected

Example of data found in the report


High risk

This assessment will use the average score for people of the same age to help identify your cognitive strengths and areas of improvement. The value is scored on a scale from 0-800.

Visual Scanning


Visual Short Term Memory



Description of the risk index and specific recommendations with a personalized action plan

Example of data found in the report

High risk

The results from this assessment are compatible with a possible disorder. We suggest that you see a professional to make a more complete diagnosis.

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